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Notes taken on a testimony given by Barbara Barnett:
A Personal Experience in the Spirit
Barbara Barnett
Sunday 8/14/83

- God wants to visit us in a unique way...receive his free in the spirit...
- Jesus himself will come and take up his abode (instead of ministering
spirits only) and there will be a judgment and this day is here.
- a vision, some time ago—Barbara in the presence of the Lord—stripped of
her ministry, her love for the congregation. Then she was ushered into the Lord's love chamber. the congregation followed—we would behold this love relationship—it caused us to delight in it and hunger for it. Barbara threw flowers up to us as we entered also into this love relationship w/Jesus. There will come a unity in love.
- the elders' retreat—Barbara felt drawn by the HS—she waited on
God—found herself speaking forth what the will of God was for the elders' retreat. A new love relationship. Barbara asked how—Trust
[a spiritual experience vs. reality of experiencing something:
spiritual experience - looks to future fulfillment
reality of experiencing - for right now, the fulfillment—experiential & personal.]
- Barabara had a spiritual experience of the unity God wd bring the elders into. Not
a vision but an experience of what God would do.
- a completed travail—the birth was complete—a perfect figure was
born—complete—every single member was in place—but an infant, not yet mature.
- later that day—it happened—not a one-time experience, but a new abiding
in the Son of Man—everything put aside before the Lord—she loved Jesus w/all her heart—a holiness filled the whole room—Lanny began a song—as he began, Barbara knew what was happening. Jesus united himself w/Barbara—a clear distinction from BHS—a different experience.
the Word of God is to be experienced—all of the word is Jesus—all is an
expression of the Son of Man—all of it is to be experienced—a union w/the Word (John 17) we will be one w/one another as we never dreamed possible—we will all come into it.
It is important for us to give Jesus our love
Jesus has come to his church—we can receive it right now.
There will be a division and a dividing.
Lay down your humanity—be naked and not ashamed—honor Him and Jesus will
come to you. Be fused w/the Son of Man.

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