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Explaining Jesus Christ, Part I
Notes taken on a lesson given by Don Barnett
Sunday School 4/3/83

Who was named Jesus—the man or the deity?
 Understand first who Christ is—the terms “Jesus” and “Christ” are not synonymous.
 christos—anointed—LXX translates it “messiah”
  refers partic. to the priests—anointed w/holy oil
  PS 105:15 Lev. 4:3,5,16
  kings of Israel referred as God's “christ”: I Sam. 2:10
  used of Cyrus—Is. 45:1
 the greater anoints the lesser.
 “Christ” is the official title of Jesus as of his baptism & the descent of the HSA upon him there at the Jordan. Christ was the legal age of becoming a priest—30 yrs old.
 “Christ” speaks of Jesus' humanity.
 Jesus was a true man:
  called the Son of Man, the son of David, the lamb of God, the last Adam: he was put to death in the flesh.
the Son of Man—the son of anthropos, anthropos is generic: “mankind.”
- always speaks of man
the Son of God—that wh. comes forth fr. God—also shows Jesus' humanity.
- Job 2:1—Angels are called sons of God yet they are not divine.
- Ex 4:22 Israel called the son of God
- 2 Sam 7:14—Solomon called the son of God
- 1 Jn 3:2—we are called the sons of God
God is eternal—God cannot come fr. someone else—there is no “God the Son”
 Jesus means “Yahweh the Savior”—the humanity of Christ was not God
Was the deity of Jesus alone called “Jesus” No—Mt. 1:21
 Mt. 1:23—“shall be called...”, not “is” because God was never a child—God is an eternal spirit. the child was called God because he was also God.
Was only the combination—God-man—called “Jesus”? No, although strictly speaking this wd. be properly so. God, before he took on the robe of flesh, was never called Jesus—Jesus was a revelation name—revealed a further aspect of God's nature
 (Moses by revelation recognized Joshua as a type of X)
God and the man Jesus Christ together saved the world—both were needed—the sacrifice fully yielded and the one who makes the sacrifice (cf. Abraham & Isaac)
but people called the man Jesus whether they understood that he was also God or not
Was Jesus two persons—one of humanity & one of deity?
 Jesus was a human person
- he had a body, soul, and and spirit.
- (James 1:13 God is not tempted) Jesus was tempted.
- was not merely a human shell—he also had a soul & spirit—the soul is what is tempted.
 (see Rotherham appendix "The Personality of the HS")
 Biblically, we cannot say Jesus is a person—but as the Bible pictures him, we can say Jesus is both a human and a divine person.
 Phil 2:7
Was Jesus two beings?
 Yes—he was God in being and he was man in being. He is two beings. Being just means “to be” something.
 Jn 17:22
 Is 9:6—Jesus was the everlasting Father
 the fusion of God and man does not take away from either the human or the divine. It means the two are moving as one being, operating as one being.

Explaining Jesus Christ, Part II
Notes taken on a lesson given by Don Barnett
Sunday School 4/10/83

Did Jesus have 2 natures?
  - nature—the intrinsic characteristics or qualities of a person or thing
  - Jesus had the intrinsic characteristics of both God and man; hence he had 2 natures
  - Jesus had the characteristics of man:
  he thirsted; he called ‘God My God, My God’ (a person of God wdn't need to pray); he was tempted; he was limited in knowledge; he prayed for the cup to pass from him, if possible—he feared.
  - Jesus had the characteristics of God:
  he said ‘I am’ & the soldiers fell to the ground; etc.
  - Jesus sometimes spoke as both God & man

- another definition of nature—‘man's natural state’

  Jesus had only one human state—not a schizophrenic—did not have two souls—but besides being man, he is also God.
Were there 2 seats of consciousness in Jesus?
  - definitely—a divine and a human.
     Phil 2:5,6,8
     Mark 13:32—(Alpha, Beta, retain this passage
     UBS = ‘C’ rating)
     I Tim 2:5
The deity of Jesus was the Father
  Is 9:6 / “I and My Father are one” / “the Father which dwelleth in me he doeth the works.”
Also, ‘the son’ speaks of Jesus' humanity—speaks of a beginning,
  someone who was begotten. God cannot be a son. God the Son is an unscriptural term—found nowhere in the Bible
  John 14:5-10
Was Jesus God at his birth, but fully God at his baptism?
  No such distinction is possible—the growth of the the man had nothing to do w/the deity within.

Explaining Jesus Christ, Part III
Notes taken on a lesson given by Don Barnett
Sunday School 4/17/83

God is one—He is an invisible spirit—In heaven we won't see 3 separate
  invisible spirits—(we can't see a spirit anyway)—We shall see Jesus, glorified. We we will only see God in the glorified man Jesus Christ. God has taken on a permanent residence in Jesus Christ.
God is not a quantity—there was not one inside of Jesus while he was on
  earth and one up in heaven. Jesus did not have God by measure. He was God, but only in a certain manifestation. God and man are so fused in Jesus that there is perfect harmony between the two.
We know nothing literal about heaven—we only know it by symbols. The
  spiritual realm is entirely different fr. the physical realm. We will have a celestial body in a spiritual world. When we see Jesus we'll know he is God and also recognize he is the man, now glorified, who died for our sins.

Explaining Jesus Christ, Part IV
Notes taken on a lesson given by Don Barnett
Sunday School 4/24/83

re: our communion w/Jesus in heaven
  1. millions will not have to stand in line waiting to see Jesus—this wd. make heaven essentially w/o Jesus for us
  2. heaven is a different realm—it has different laws than the physical realm—we will not necessarily have the same limitations.
  3. the glorified man X can hear all of us at once—he is in a different realm
    Rev 21:22 Rev 22:4

Who is the heavenly bridegroom—X or God?
  Rev 19:7—the marriage of the Lamb is come..."
      the Lamb = X.
  2 Cor 11:2—“one husband—Christ”
  Eph 5:23-24 X is the head of the church...
  Rom 8:17—“joint heirs w/X”
  SS—Solomon's a type of X, not of God
We will be married to the Son of God, Jesus Christ, but X is the image of
  the invisible God & in him is all the fulness of the Godhead (Col 1:15, Col 2:9). X is a fusion of God and man.
We will be one w/X and therefore one w/God

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