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Having Fellowship with the Son of Man, Part I
Excerpts from a 1983 Camp Meeting sermon
Don Barnett
Friday evening service 9/2/83

Is Jesus worshipped as deity only, or also as the son of man?
The word ‘Christ’ does not speak of deity; it speaks of humanity (‘Christ’ means anoninted—God is the anointer, not the anointed.)
We are to worship the Son of Man—not the man of Nazareth, but the glorified Son of Man.
Rev 5:7ff - the elders fell down before the Lamb—the lamb clearly speaks of the humanity of X—it speaks of the sacrifice.
- “thou...hast redeemed us to God by thy blood.”—clearly shows humanity of X.
- “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain...” Again, clearly speaks of the man Christ Jesus.
X as the Son of Man is still functioning in heaven.
Paul on the Damascus road—who spake to him? Jesus as deity or as glorified Son?
1 Cor 1:17 - “X sent me” the glorified Son of Man talked to Paul on the Damascus road.
X as the Son of Man is the one who will return—“he will return in like manner” (Acts 1?)
It is God's will that we have fellowship w/His Son:
? Col 1:9 - fellowship w/his Son.
It is not enough to have fellowship legally. He wants us to have it exprerientially. It is not enough to legally put on X—God wants it experientially. We need a real spiritual union.—a flow both ways. God wants us to know Him.
This union starts when we are born-again and increases through several steps. BHS, etc.
The love of the Son of Man is not romantic—it shd not be difficult for men to experience—it is a spiritual thing—He died for us and is now glorified.
Paul was in a strait betwixt staying or departing—he had been in heavenly realms—he knew it was far better to be in that realm.
What about 2 Cor. 5:16—“we no longer know X after the flesh”?
X is no longer in the flesh, but in a celestial body. But he is still the glorified Son.

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