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I & II Corinthians
Excerpt from Bible college class notes
Fall 1981
Instructor: Lanny Peterson

On II Cor. 5:19: “God in Christ—God with us—God fulfilled his plan by manifesting himself in a man. Col 2:9; John 14:10.”

Excerpt from Bible college test
“Foundational Doctrines” class Test on “Salvation”
File 5 (BC) R813 H-BC-FD05
[Class taken fall 1981 from Greg Thiel; my copy of the test is dated 11/24/81]

6. (3 pts.) What is meant by the dual nature of Christ?
  a. He was both the first Adam and the last Adam.
  b. He was both Son of man and Son of God.
  c. He was both Lamb of God and mediator.
  d. He was made in both the image and likeness of God.
  e. He was both God and man. [correct answer]

7. (3 pts.) What concept is involved in the idea of the “incarnation”?
  a. God became man.
  b. God was in Christ. [correct answer]
  c. God spoke to man.
  d. Christ became God.
  e. God died in the stead of man.

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