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This selection of material from my Community Chapel years illustrate various Chapel theological teachings. They center around the Chapel's doctrine on the Godhead, and on the Chapel's version of church history. I now disagree with these teachings, but remain very interested in them and how they have affected my life—first, in my initial encounters with the Chapel and in my early years of membership there when I believed I had found a very nearly ideal church, and then later during and after the slow collapse of the Chapel when I was trying hard to fit my faith in the Lord Jesus into the context of my post-Chapel Christian life.

Intro to UROG - Doctrinal history document
This is a document which was distributed to all students taking the Introduction to the Unfolding Revelation of God class. It was written by Don, probably sometime in the early or mid-seventies.

Intro to UROG - Class notes
These are excerpts from my class notes taken when the subject of “The Dual Nature of Christ ” was lectured on in the Introduction to the Unfolding Revelation of God class taught by Earl Faylor in the spring semester of 1981.

Advanced Unfolding Revelation of God
Excerpts from the Advanced Unfolding Revelation of God class I took in the fall of 1981. It was taught by Mike Sabourin.

Foundational Doctrines test questions
Two questions from the class Foundational Doctrines. I also took this in the fall semester of 1981, when it was taught by Greg Thiel.

I & II Corinthians
A very short excerpt, on II Cor. 5:9, from my notes for this class, yet another class I took in the fall semester of 1981. Its instructor was Lanny Peterson

Explaining Jesus Christ, Part I
Explaining Jesus Christ, Part II
Explaining Jesus Christ, Part III
Explaining Jesus Christ, Part IV
This series of lessons was given by Don Barnett in Sunday School in the spring of 1983. There were more than four parts to the series, and the notes given here are only excerpts, not full transcripts.

A Testimony by Barbara
This is a testimony Barbara Barnett, the pastor's wife, gave on August 14, 1983, about a spiritual experience she had of abiding in the Son of Man.

Having Fellowship with the Son of Man, Part I
This is a sermon Don preached on the first evening of the 1983 Camp Meeting, Friday, September 2.

The Truth Shall Set You Free
A couple of excerpts from Chapter 17 of this book, published in 1996, long after the Chapel's fall, by Barbara Barnett. These excerpts relate the onset of connections to fellowship with the “glorified Son of Man.”

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