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The Trinity


I was raised believing in the doctrine of the Trinity. Later I became convinced it was not a Biblical doctrine. Now, after a much closer look, I've become convinced that it is after all the best way of summing up everything that the Bible tells us about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

This section is so far kind of a catch-all of articles I've found useful in explaining what the doctrine of the Trinity really is, postings I've made on the subject to the Chapel discussion board, and other things I've written for myself while exploring this doctrine and its history. In the future I may organize it into a more systematic form.

The Chapel's "Dual Nature" Doctrine
The Chapel's version of the Oneness doctrine contained a teaching I once thought served the same purpose as the Trinitarian teaching of two natures in the one person of Christ—it showed how the man Jesus Christ could also be truly God. In the year 2001 I wrote this article after I had realized the two teachings were not the same at all.

The Progress of Heresy
The ex-pastor of Community Chapel, Don Barnett, now leads a goup named "The Church of Agape" (COA). Early in 2002 it began to be known that he himself was abandoning the dual nature doctrine. This was a posting I made to the Chapel discussion board during that time.

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